Roaming Gif Booth! 

Recommended. for larger crowds..Bring the Gif Booth to the people! 

The Roaming Gif Booth brings the photo booth to your guests. It's exactly the same as our regular Gif Booth except its not on a fixed stand -  it roams your event with our attendant.  

Our Roaming GIF Booth is super portable, super brandable, super fun! 

Perfect for brand activations, large events, experiential marketing, corporate events, marketing events... Basically anytime you need your guests to have a great time and remember your brand!

What's a roaming gif booth you ask?

Our Roaming Gif Booth creates amazing Gifs, Boomerangs & still images.

How does it work you ask? For the Gifs.. it is just like a regular photo booth, it takes 3 (or more) photos and then loops them together into a super fun animation. For the Boomerangs, it takes a burst of 15 (or more) photos in very quick succession and then loops them together into a super-fast insta-worthy animation. ​

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The photo marketing opportunities are endless with our Roaming Gif Booth so let us help take your event to the next level! Below are just some of the ways we can help take your event to the next level & maximise your brand's exposure and photo marketing opportunities. 


Custom overlays, Instantly shareable branded content, Post-event analytics, Branded microsite, Surveys & data capture, Live feed capabilities, roaming photographers & promo staff!


Customise overlays & gallery branding


Our attendants roam your event, bringing the GIF Booth to the people


Enable social sharing across Facebook, Instagram, SMS & Email


Showcase event photos on a live feed


Ask questions or capture data


Wrap our Roaming GIf in your custom branding

Our Roaming Gif in the wild