Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions


What will I need to provide?

The Wild Booth Co’s Booths work perfectly at every venue! All we need is access to power approx. 3mx3m of flat ground & protection from direct sun, wind and rain to ensure our equipment is protected. You can also supply your own backdrop if you have something you love!

What's the difference between a GIF Booth and a Classic Photo Booth?

Our classic photo booth takes high-quality photos and prints them out on a photo strip & you have a gallery post-event. Our GIF Booth takes either still images, gifs or boomerangs (more on these below) & turns them into a 2-3 second looping clip. These can then be instantly shared to your phone, email and/or social media.

What is a GIF?

A standard GIF is 3 individual photos that are put together to make an animation.

What is a Boomerang?

A Boomerang GIF is a quick burst of 20 or so photos that make a short 2-3 second clip that plays forwards, then backwards.

How are GIFs & Boomerangs shared?

Once your guest creates their GIF, they will immediately have the option to share it to their phone via email or SMS. From there, they get a link to a micro-site where they can view the GIF and download or share it to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Can you personalise the GIF Overlays & Photo Strips?

We sure can! We can easily add your logo or customised event info. We always add a small version of our logo, website or hashtag on the bottom or top of the overlay/strip.

Do your Booths come with an attendant?

Yes, our booths always come with one (sometimes two) super fun, experienced booth attendants to ensure your event runs smoothly & your guests get the best use!

Do you supply props?

Yes! We always bring along awesome props suited to your event to ensure your guests can create the most Insta worthy GIFS/Photos!

Can I book additional hours?

Yes, if you decide on the day you would like us to stay longer you can add additional hours providing it doesn't clash with other bookings.

How long does setup take?

For standard bookings we allow 1 hour to set-up. Sometimes we need longer & we'll let you know if this is the case.

Does the setup time come out of our package time?

Setup occurs outside of your hire times & doesn't come off your package time. If you require early set-up additional charges may occur.